Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Box Tops Poem Entry

Box Tops is having a poem contest to find the Coordinator who is the most passionate about Box Tops! Well, I think I am definitely passionate about Box Tops and hopefully this poem will prove it. The Coordinator who submits the winning poem receives 10,000 Box Tops for their school. That's a thousand dollars! The contest results will be out in late September so I will keep you posted.

Box Tops Poem

Collecting Box Tops is so fun
Our school earns money, we make a ton

Just clip the Box Tops from items galore
You'll find Box Tops throughout the store

On cereals, on brownies, on pastas and snacks
They're even on diapers, imagine that!

Each Box Top is worth a dime
Sometimes double or triple which is mightyfine

It's Hip to Clip is what I say
So clip those Box Tops every day

Then send them to school in a baggie so neat
Or attach them to a collection sheet

Soon a check will arrive to buy stuff for school
Like computers and supplies that are really cool

Everyone do your part to contribute this year
We all need to help, it's so perfectly clear

In 1996 General Mills began
this awesome, amazing Box Tops program

We thank you so much for supporting our schools
I'm passionate about Box Tops